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.: spm 2011 sinie jap

spm 2011 sinie jap

ila | Friday, February 11, 2011 | 5Comments |

Dear SPM 2011 Candidates,I can predict that not everyone of you are in Love but some of you
are and I believe that all of you wants to focus on your education but then memories may lie in between..It's not easy for you to control that feeling but there is a way for everyone of you to handle this feeling in way.Guys,when you study,focus and make sure that its only about education,Nothing comes in your mind and when you are in Love,express how much you love your loved ones and not to waste even a single second of it.It's the same concept in a basic knowledge When you study,Study to the maximum and When you are in Love,Love that person to the max..But no matter what happens,don't ever use the term of separation within you guys just because you want to study because the feel of Love on how you feel before you separate and after you separate is totally a different chapter.You won't have the exact feeling and the moment you use the term of "Break Up",It will never last long guys. And no matter what happens up or downs,stay together my dears or else there is no worth why both of you are together.There is no worth why this Love is form just for the sake of  separation in education or maybe any other reasons.All of you may ask me,you have to sacrifice something to have a better life in the future but when it comes to Love,the feel is totally different especially when it comes to nowadays generation which is us and I want to ask every single one of you that Why during our parents and grandparents time,no matter how far your love is,their Love will be alive but when you compare nowadays,it cant..WHY..??


Anonymous said...

nice entry. yeah as there are still have chance n time given.. never say give up. what u did now.. is what u get soon. dont regret in future.

Anonymous said... comment..hik3....btw,,ni entry yg sgt menarik utk yana bce...membuatkn kte berfikir sejenak...

good luck in your spm...I always pray for my friends success...


ila said...

gud luck u all too

Nik Iman said...

yeah! btol tuh!

ila said...


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